Would you just try one course at a Banquet?

Imagine you’ve been invited out for dinner. It’s a set price whatever you eat. And there are lots of delicious things on the menu. Would you just stick to one course? Or would you try everything that’s on offer? I’m guessing you’d want to make the most of your evening and enjoy a good selection of the dishes?

Next time you run Facebook Ads, I invite you to use the same thinking you would at a Banquet. Don’t just be fixated by the immediate sales. Make sure you take advantage of all the opportunities the Ads are going to offer. 

When you run Ads, you are bringing people into your marketing eco-system. Some of them will be ready to buy. Some of them won’t be interested. But they’ll also be lots of people who were interested enough to engage with the ads, but weren’t ready to make a purchase. They’re potential future customers, so you’ll want to keep in touch.


Step 1 – Making the most of engagement with your Ads

Like any other post, Ads get engagement from some of the people who see them. It’s highly likely that you’ll get:


  • Some of which will be questions. A lot of the questions people ask are about potential reasons not to buy. Answering them gives you the opportunity reassure them. And anyone else seeing the Ad who has the same concerns.
  • If you’re providing a good service, you might also get people recommending you or saying how much they liked the product. A thank you will go a long way towards reassuring current and potential customers that you value them. 


  • If someone likes your Ad, they’re already forming a positive image of your brand. They might not be ready to buy yet, but they’ve liked the Ad enough to engage with it. Inviting them to like your Facebook Page is a great way to grow your social following and potentially put some of your organic Facebook posts in their feed.


Step 2 – They’ve made it to your website

A good Facebook Ads campaign will bring lots of additional traffic to your website. Some of it direct from the Ads. But you’re also likely to see an uplift in organic traffic too.

You’re doing really well if 1 in 10 of your website visitors makes a purchase. For most websites you’re looking at closer to 3 in 100 buying. 

Anyone clicking through from a Facebook Ad was interested enough in your product to take a closer look. And there are lots of reasons why they didn’t feel that today was the right time to buy. Maybe they need a bit more reassuring about your brand. Perhaps they don’t have the money right now. Or they don’t have a reason to buy at the moment. 

  • Whatever the reason, these visitors are warm to your brand. You should definitely try to stay in touch. And getting them to sign up to your email newsletter is the best way to do this. Make sure it’s easy to see how to sign-up. Offer an incentive if you can (like a discount off their next order).
  • 25 – 50% of people that start checking out don’t make a purchase. And only 4% of them come back and buy at a later date. A good abandoned cart automated email can increase this to 25%. Add one now if you don’t already have them in place.
  • Make purchasers feel valued and appreciated. Be sure to say “thank you” in your order confirmation email and in your delivery email sequence. Can you make them feel special when their order arrives? With beautiful (eco-friendly) packaging and maybe a message from you? They’re much more likely to come back and buy again if their first order was a positive experience. And if it was beautifully packaged, they’ll probably tell their friends too.
  • Consider adding a postcard or small brochure for other products in your range to their parcel too. With another invitation to join your email list if they’re not already signed up.
  • Don’t forget to ask for testimonials and reviews. Potential customers are much more likely to believe good things previous customers have said, than anything you could say yourself.


Everyone wants to see a return from their Ads campaigns. But don’t just think about immediate sales……….

Make sure you get your money’s worth, by taking a long-term view. You’re going to see lots of side benefits from your Ads, don’t let them go to waste.


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