Are Facebook and Instagram Ads a good choice for my business?


With so many marketing tools to choose from, I know it can be hard to know where to invest your time and money. So, I’ve created this simple guide to help you understand whether or not Facebook Ads are likely to be a good choice for you.

Do Facebook and Instagram Ads work? Yes and No. They work brilliantly for some businesses. But they aren’t a great option for everyone. And a lot depends on how you use them.

Things to consider

Can what you’re selling / promoting have high visual impact? For a Facebook Ad to be successful, it needs to grab the user’s attention and stop the scroll. It’s way easier to do that if your product is visually attractive, you have a great offer or you’re promoting something your audience really need. You should think twice about using Facebook Ads if you don’t think you’ll be able to create an Ad that’ll stand out.

Do you get a lot of returning customers? If you’re a business where most customers only buy from you once, you’ll need to make an immediate return that more than covers the costs of any Ad campaign you choose to run. This may leave you looking for an unrealistic sales goal from your advertising spend.

For businesses with a higher proportion of returning customers, you can think about the lifetime value of the customers, not just their first purchase. Investing in Facebook Ads is more likely to make sense for you.

What’s your profit margin? The higher your profit margin, the lower the return you need on your Ad campaigns before they become profitable. If your margin is less than 20%, Facebook Ads are unlikely to be suitable for you.

How old is your target audience? 71% of UK adults have a Facebook Account and 40% use their account every day. However, if you’re looking to target the over 65s or teenagers, this may not be the best place to reach your target audience.


Facebook and Instagram Ads for Online Retailers

Many e-commerce businesses use Facebook and Instagram Ads with great success. Others struggle to make any return on their investment. So before introducing Ads for your business here are a few things to think about:

How much do you have to spend? Many of the brands that see the best return from Facebook Ads are spending thousands of pounds per month. If you budget is very limited you are going to struggle to make much of a return. I wouldn’t recommend considering Facebook Ads on a budget of less than £10 a day.

What’s the conversion rate on your website? Using Facebook Ads won’t increase the proportion of visitors to your website that make a purchase. If your conversion rate is less than 2% (2 purchases per 100 website visitors), Facebook Ads are unlikely to give you a good return.

What’s your average purchase value? In general, the more expensive your product is, the more persuading customers need to make the purchase. They’re highly unlikely to buy a high value item from a single Facebook Ad. You’ll need a sequence of Ads or combination of Ads and emails to get them over the line. So, you’ll need a budget of at least £1000 per month.

At the other end of the scale, it’s very hard to make an acceptable return on your Ad spend if your average basket value is very low. Average basket value of less than £30? Facebook Ads are probably not for you. You’ll end up spending more on Ads than you make in sales.


Facebook and Instagram Ads for Service providers

For your Facebook Ad to be successful, you need to form a rapid emotional connection with the people seeing it. This can be a real challenge for some types of service providers, particularly if they try to appeal to the wrong audience.

Be really honest with yourself – if you’re not really clear on the type of customer you want to attract or you don’t think you’ll be able to make an emotional connection, Facebook Ads aren’t the right choice for you.

Are you selling a high value service? If you are, Facebook Ads can be very effective, especially when you use them together with other marketing tools. For instance, if you are selling a coaching course, Facebook Ads are a great way to introduce your brand to potential new customers. You might use a Facebook or Instagram Ad to encourage them to sign up to your email list by offering a free masterclass or a download. You then nurture them through your email sequence and masterclass. Before retargeting them with Facebook Ads at the point where you are aiming to get people signed up for your course.

Do you want to sell locally or nationally? It’s much easier to sell to people who already know you (or know someone who does), than it is to try to sell to everyone. And Facebook has great options for targeting local audiences. So, if you’re a local service like a florist, a gym or a wedding photographer, Facebook Ads can be a really great option for you, without you needing to spend a lot of money. 

Selling nationally can work too, but you’ll need to invest a lot more to have any impact. The more desirable your audience is to other advertisers, the more you’ll have to pay.

Do you offer specialised online courses? If so, Facebook and Instagram Ads could be good for you too. You can use them to recruit email subscribers, promote your Facebook Group, build your social media following or visit your website to view / buy your course. This works best where you have a really clear idea of who your target customer is and why your course will appeal to them.


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