Do you have a good website conversion rate?

If not, now isn’t the time to be investing in Ads.

Are you trying to use Facebook or Google Ads to create awareness of your brand and generate more sales?

If you are, there’s a good chance you’re attracting lots new people to your website. But, if they’re not converting, you’re just wasting your money.

Almost all the traffic you drive from Ads will be new to you brand. When they land on your website, all they know about you and your range is what they’ve seen or read in the Ad.

So, here’s a few things to bear in mind to help to convert them into customers.


How well does your website work on a mobile phone?

When it comes to designing a website, we almost always start with what it looks like on a computer screen.

But in reality 60 – 70% of your website visits are likely to be from mobile phones. So, the mobile version of your website is the most important. It needs to be really easy to use, with legible text, clear images and big enough buttons.

How does your website look on a mobile? Does it create a great impression of your brand? Being slow to load and hard to navigate will put people off. Along with not being mobile responsive.


Make sure your Home page showcases what’s best about you

Your best-selling lines are what your customers love. They’re proven winners. And there’s a really good chance your new visitors will love them too.

So, make sure some of your best sellers are the first thing someone sees when they land on your home page.

New visitors don’t know your brand either. They’re not sure whether you’re their sort of people. Try adding a few words or a simple sentence close to the top of the page explaining what your brand’s all about.

If we just talk about ourselves, website visitors are going to be a bit sceptical. They’re much more likely to believe what previous customers have to say. Make space for your best testimonials on the Home Page. Have a few in the top half of the page too, not everyone will scroll to the bottom.

Having an email sign-up pop-up on your Home Page is a good idea. But make sure it’s not too intrusive. Give them a bit of time to look around before it appears. Being bombarded with pop-ups is one of the easiest ways to make visitors feel uncomfortable and leave. It’s just like the feeling of being pounced on by a shop assistant the minute you walk in the door!


Make it as easy as possible for them to buy more than one item 

New customers will only have seen the few items you feature in your Ads. And most previous customers won’t have looked at your range in depth either.

It may seem like a lot of effort, but taking the time to populate the “You may also like” images on your product pages is one of the easiest ways to increase your average order value.

Your visitors won’t know that there’s a matching necklace for these earrings. Or that this dress looks great with a scarf, belt or jacket you stock. And they’re not going to go looking for something they don’t know exists.

Creating bundles of linked items is another great way to upsell. It’s quick and easy for your customers. And creates a higher value sale for you. Everybody wins.


How easy is it to make a Purchase?

The simpler it is, the more people will make it through the process. Get a few of your friends to test it for you. So, you can get honest feedback on what’s good and what’s not.

Your Checkout pages should be as simple as possible, with no distractions that may tempt people to click away from the page. 

The payment methods you offer is really important. Offering a range of payment methods adds credibility and gives potential customers the flexibility to choose the payment method they prefer.

Forcing people to create an account as part of the Checkout process, will put lots of them off. It’s always better to give them the option of checking out as a Guest. You can always ask them to create an account later.


Are you using a chatbot or on page pop-ups?

Then double check to make sure they’re not obstructing anything important on the page.

Remember, it’s a feature that not everyone likes. So, give people the option to close it if they want to.


An easy-to-use website is the best asset your business can have.  

But you need to think of it from the user’s perspective and make it as easy as possible for them to do what you want them to do.


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