Boosting a post is an easy option on Facebook, but is it a good idea?

It can work if you’re just looking to increase the engagement from your existing followers.

It’s not a bad option if you want to grow your page following, as long as you’re careful with the audience you select.

But I definitely wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking for a quick boost to your sales.

Choosing this route gives you very limited control over who’s newsfeed the boosted post will reach. Put simply, it is very quick and easy, but it’s not a very cost-effective way to spend your advertising budget.


So, what happens when you boost a post?

You’re basically paying Facebook to show it to more people. And it will go into more newsfeeds than it would have reached organically.

Who sees your boosted post?

It all depends on what you decide. If you’re looking for an easy option you might choose:

  • People who like your page
  • People who like your page and their friends
  • People who live locally

or if you’re feeling more adventurous you can create your own audience based on:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests

How will Facebook pick who to show the post to?

Depending on the objective you set, Facebook will look for people who are likely to engage with your post (Like, Comment or Share), Click the link or chat on Messenger.


If you’re thinking “that all sounds great”, think again:

With a boosted post, you aren’t in control of how Facebook chooses to spend your budget and your options for aligning the Campaign objectives with your business goals are very limited.

You have to boost individual posts, which you can’t edit after you boost them.

For the same money, you can create an Ad in Ads Manager, where you have many more options for objectives and audiences. Making the most of these options allows you to create a much more effective Campaign.


Why use Ads Manager?

Because you stand a much better chance of getting a good return on your investment!

You have much more control over how your money is spent, who your ad will reach and how those seeing the post are likely to react to it.

Ads Manager gives you a huge range of options. I definitely wouldn’t recommend experimenting with them all from day one. But there are a couple of easy choices that can really make a difference.

Choosing the best objective

Pick the right objective and you stand a great chance of meeting your business goals. Start by thinking about what outcome you want from your Ad, for example:

  • If you want to build your page following choose Engagement
  • Conversions is a good choice if you are looking for someone who is ready to buy or become lead
  • Try Traffic if you’d like more visitors to your website

Picking your audience

One of the key differences with Ads Manager is the option to select audiences based on how people have interacted with you in the past, on your Facebook page or on your website.

You have the option of targeting people who are similar to your existing page followers, website visitors and customers. Plus, you have more interest-based options in Ads Manager too.

Bear in mind that some audience options are only available if you have a Facebook Pixel on your website or you’ve upload data from other sources (like your email list).

Options for your Ads

When picking a post to boost, it’s natural to pick one that’s had great engagement from the people who’ve seen it…… but you can’t be sure that the people it gets boosted to will react in the same way.

You’re not limited to a single choice in Ads Manager. You can have as many Ads as you like in your Campaign. Although, I’d recommended sticking to two or three if you’re on a limited budget.

All of the Ads run at the same time from the same budget.

When you choose to run more than one Ad, Facebook will test which is the best at achieving your objective. Then, it automatically switches most of your budget to the Ad that’s giving the best results.

Another big benefit of Ads Manager is the ability to edit your Ad while your Campaign is running. So, if you spot a typo or want to add an offer, it’s easy to make the changes. You can edit the text, image and call to action buttons on most types of Ad.

You can also add new Ads into your campaign, as long as it’s live.


 I’d recommend resisting the temptation to press the boost button!

Create your Ad in Ads Manager instead.

You’re much more likely to get a strong return on your investment if you do.




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