Want to make the most of your Facebook Ads budget?

All too often people think if they spend money on Facebook Ads, sales will come flooding in.

In truth, a well designed Facebook Ads Campaign will drive high intent traffic to your website. And you may well see some immediate sales, particularly if you price point is low.

A standalone Ad Campaign will drive far fewer sales, if you’re trying to sell something where the emotional or monetary value is higher.

If you want to maximise the return from the Ad spend, you need to integrate the Facebook Ads into your wider marketing activity. Because not all the traffic they drive to your website will be ready to buy today.

Low value products

When things aren’t too expensive, we’ll often buy them without much thought. It’s a quick feel-good hit. At that price, we’re not very emotionally invested. So, a Facebook Ad can be all it takes to create the desire and motivation to take action and buy.

But even with a great Ad campaign and a website conversion rate of 5% (which is good), only one in twenty visitors to your website are ready to buy today.

And when they leave your website, most of them are likely to forget your brand. Even if they liked your products. If you want them back. And let’s face it, you do. You’re going to need to nurture your relationship. The easiest (and cheapest) way to do that is by getting them to keep in touch by subscribing to your email list.

I’m a huge advocate for making it easy for people to sign-up to your newsletter. Without the pop-up being too in your face. We all like to look around before being pounced on by a shop assistant.

Offering an incentive is a great way to increase the number of people signing up for your emails. A discount or free gift with their first purchase will make signing up way more attractive to them. Plus, it costs you nothing if they don’t buy.

Did you know that over 50% of people who add products to their basket, don’t end up purchasing? They, get distracted. Have second thoughts. Or have problems checking out. A little persuasion can be all it takes for them to become a customer. Sure, you can retarget them with Ads, but you should always have a good Abandoned Cart email sequence too. Otherwise, you’re leaving money on the table.


Higher value items

For more expensive items, people usually need time to think. And more persuasion, before they buy. The proportion who buy straight from the first Ad is always going to be low. Facebook Ads are never going to be the whole solution.

They’re great for creating awareness and curiosity, the first step in a buyer’s journey.

But to get the job done, they need to step back after the initial introduction. And you need to communicate in a more personal way to start building trust.

Your email sequences can help a lot. Showcasing your credibility. Highlighting interesting content. Inviting more personal engagement. Showing that you care.

For high value products, video Ads work really well. They give you more time to inspire, inform and educate. It’s often a good idea to continue the story on your landing page too, rather than going directly to a product page.

In some cases, it’s better to have Facebook Ads that drive traffic to a lead magnet, and not go for a direct sale at all. Closing the sale takes place much further along the customer journey.

Creating a great lead magnet is the key to your success. It needs to be something with real value to your target customers. Maybe it could solve a problem. Teach them something. Or be a bit of light relief.

A good lead magnet, leaves them wanting more. And it definitely helps build desire for what you’re ultimately looking to sell.


Plan the full customer journey before launching any Ads

What touchpoints will there be, to create awareness, promote consideration and close the deal?

What media are you going to use at each stage?

Does it feel like smooth journey?

With no giant leaps?

For your customer’s perspective it needs to flow easily. With each of the steps close enough together to maintain interest. And far enough apart to not feel intrusive.

You’ll lose people if you get the timings wrong. Have too many stages. Or try to push them too quickly.


If you want to get the most from the money you’re investing in Ads, you need to take the time to understand where they fit in the customer journey.

And the other elements that work alongside them to get maximum impact.

I offer training and strategy for Meta Ads, if you’d like some help making sure you make the most of your budget.

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