How do I choose which items to promote?

Do you find yourself asking yourself this question? I’m guessing that you do if you’re an online retailer with more than a couple of items in your range.

Or perhaps you just always focus on your new items? There is an argument for promoting them, but you’re likely to be losing out on sales if that’s the only thing you showcase.


So, what factors should you consider when choosing what to promote? 

  1. What are your best sellers? This is a simple as it sounds. I’m sure you have some items that always sell really well. They’re the sort of product that your best customers buy all of the time. But, lots of your current customers might not have bought them yet. And anyone who comes across your brand for the first time definitely hasn’t heard about them. You should be including some of these in the list of items you promote, particularly if you’re investing in Ads.
  2. Which items get the best reviews? Are there some products that always get rave reviews from your customers? Do you have any testimonials for them? This type of social proof is fantastic for persuading potential customers to trust your brand. Be sure to include some of these items and the wonderful things that customers say about them.
  3. Are you launching any new products? When you launch new products it’s important that you let people know about them. Particularly your existing customers and fans. Your website, newsletter and social media channels are great places to showcase them. If you start here you can see which are likely to sell best, then you could choose to promote them to potential new customers using paid advertising.
  4. Do you have any products that are perfect for a particular season or occasion? People choose to buy when they’ve formed an emotional connection with the product. It’s much easier for you to do this if they are already looking for a solution to a problem. For instance, maybe you have a product that would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift or a present for a special friend. Promote at the right time of year, with a clear focus on the problem you’re solving.
  5. Are you looking to create a specific image for your brand? If you have a new brand or an older one that you are trying to reposition, it’s really important for you to have a specific target customer in mind. Then, your choice of which items to promote becomes easy – it’s the items that will appeal most to this market.
  6. Don’t just feature the items you love. It’s very easy to choose to promote the items that appeal most to you. Particularly if you’re selling a design-led range. But unless your ideal customer is just like you, they’re not likely to be your best sellers. By all means feature some of them – especially if you have an interesting story to tell. What was the inspiration behind the products? Why do you love them? This type of content is a great way to build emotional connection. But make sure you don’t concentrate all your activity on your favourite lines.
  7. How profitable is the item? You’re running a business to make money, so you need to know how much margin you make on each sale. Don’t spend lots of time, and money, promoting low margin products, unless you know they are the first step on the journey to becoming a loyal, repeat customer.

In short, it’s about balancing the mix of products you promote and never forgetting to include some of the most popular lines.

Some of my most successful Facebook Ad campaigns feature products that people outside the target audience would find very boring!

If you’re struggling to know what to promote, I offer range of services including training and Ad strategy to help you get the balance right.


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