Choose carefully!

If you’re using Facebook and Instagram Ads, you’ll soon be asked to choose which 8 events you want to use for your account. If you want to maximise the return you see from Ads, it’s really important to rank them in the right order.

Why is this happening?

Facebook are getting systems in place ahead of the iOS14.5 launch on Apple’s mobiles and ipads, later this year. This operating system will ask users whether or not they want apps to track them online. If people opt out, Facebook will get much less data on their behaviour.

How will reporting change?

For anyone who opts out, Facebook will only get one piece of data from their activity on a pixeled website. At the moment it gets every event a website visitor triggers on their website journey.

If an opted-out website visitor triggers lots of events on the website, Facebook will only get sent the one that you’ve ranked most highly. And it won’t be able to see who triggered it.

There will also be a delay of up to 72 hours for opted out user’s events to appear in your Ads Manager reports.

How do I decide?

You need to rank the events in order of importance for your business. So, for an ecommerce retailer you should rank your events in this order: 

  • Purchase
  • Initiate Check Out
  • Add to Cart
  • Lead / Subscribe
  • Search
  • Page View

Can I change my choices?

Yes, you can. Any changes you make can take up to 72 hours to activate.

Can I still use Custom Conversion Events?

Custom Conversions are still available, but they are counted towards your allocation of 8 events. If you’re using them you need to include them in your ranking.

Are you using Standard Events?

If so, you’ll still need a pixel, but you’ll have to verify your website domain too. You can do this in Business setting > Brand Safety > Domain. Click the blue button to add your domain and use one of the three verification methods you’re given.


Take a bit of time to think about which events are the most important for you.

Then rank them on that order.


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