Working Together

Campaign Management, Strategy, Training

 Are you looking for cost-effective online marketing? All businesses are different. What works for one isn’t the best solution for another. So, if you choose to work with me, you’ll get a completely bespoke service.

 I’ll really get to know your business. Working with you to understand your business goals and your market.

By knowing your business, and where you hope to take it, I can devise the most effective combination of campaigns to get you there. Fully optimised to deliver the best return on your investment.

With the Strategy agreed, it’s time to start creating campaigns. If you opt for full campaign management, I’ll do this for you. Alternatively, I offer training packages if you’d like to learn how to run your own campaigns.

I want you to stop wasting money on marketing activity that doesn’t work. So, auditing your current campaigns is a key element of creating your forward Strategy. This’ll help us understand what’s working and how to fix the things that aren’t. That way we can create the most cost-effective online marketing for your store.

 My Services:

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Facebook Ads can be a great way to introduce new customers to your brand.

Or to encourage people who have visited your website, or followed your social pages, to make to make a purchase.

Choose from:

  • Full Campaign Management for Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Campaign Strategy creation
  • 1-2-1 training packages

Organic Pinterest and Pinterest Ads

The great thing about Pinterest, is that once you've created content, it keeps working for you forever.

With users on this platform more affluent, and more likely to purchase than on other social channel. It's a great place to be.

Choose from:

  • Paid and Organic Campaign Management
  • Campaign Strategy creation
  • 1-2-1 training packages

Klaviyo email marketing Campaigns and Flows

Growing, and nurturing, an engaged email list is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow online sales.

The best way to do this is using a combination of automated emails and one-off campaigns.

Choose from:

  • New account set up
  • Email automation set up
  • Campaign email creation including copy and graphics

Cost-effective online marketing solutions

Each of my services work on their own, but using them in combination is far more effective.

My Marketing Management service combines campaign management for two or more channels, to create cost effective, fully integrated campaigns.

This flexible approach plays to the strengths of each of the channels, enabling you to get the best return from your marketing budget.

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