Case Studies

I specialise in helping online stores increase their sales, by driving high quality traffic to their websites through Pinterest, Facebook & Instagram Ads and Klaviyo email marketing.

If you’d like to know whether I could help you, here are some examples from businesses I’ve worked with. Some of them for my fully managed services, others for training packages.

All of them saw strong growth as a result of us working together.

Pinterest Case Study: Alex Clark Art

After converting their Personal Account to a Business Account, we added a catalogue feed and became a Verified Merchant.

We initially started posting organic content, with Ads introduced later to accelerate returns from the platform.

The Ads we created had 75% higher click through rate than the industry standard.

An Ad spend of £30 a day for 3 months achieved:

  • Impressions increased 157%, taking them to 2.7M over the 90 days.
  • 55k interactions with their content. Which were able to retarget with Ads.
  • Website visits from Pinterest increased 131% on the previous year.
  • Pinterest sales increased by 221%.

Organic Results: The account is no longer running Ads, but continues to show strong organic growth this year:

  • 1.1M people saw their organic content in the last 30 days.
  • Website visits from Pinterest are up 40% Vs prior year in Q1.


Facebook Ads Case Study: Windsor Cake Craft

Olivia was investing in Google Ads and Google Shopping to drive traffic and sales. She’d tried Facebook Ads through an agency before and they hadn’t worked well.

Business: Windsor Cake Craft has an online store and retail outlet supplying cake decorators with everything they need to make their beautiful cakes.

Business stage: A well-established online business with a multi six-figure turnover.

Facebook Ads history: The Facebook Ads they’d tried in the past hadn’t worked, so they we sceptical about trying them again.

Their challenge: Windsor Cake Craft were seeing strong online sales, but sales through the retail store were down due to the impact of Covid lockdowns.

Working together: We started with a review of the Ad spend with Google, which identified opportunities for restructuring which would result in a substantial monthly saving. Allowing us to introduce Facebook Ads without increasing the monthly advertising budget. The initial Facebook Ad campaigns produced a 20x return on investment.

Results: We’ve subsequently increased the spend on Facebook Ads and continue to see great return on investment. The return on the Google advertising spend has also improved now that Facebook Ads are increasing website traffic.

“Before we started working with Helen, we weren’t convinced that Facebook Ads would work for us. We tried them before a few years ago and didn’t get many sales. Helen thought we could do really well with them, so we decided to give it a try. We’ve been delighted with the results she’s achieving for us. We’re getting a fantastic return on investment and we know we can trust her to create the most effective campaigns for us.”

Olivia Blackmore

Manager, Windsor Craft Ltd

Facebook Ads Case Study: Under the Rowan Trees

Danielle knew Facebook Ads were effective, but with a growing business, she lacked time and expertise to take advantage of their full potential.

Business: Under the Rowan Trees is an online specialist stationery store, offering the best brands and products from around the world.

Business stage: A well-established online business with a six-figure turnover.

Facebook Ads history: Under the Rowan Trees had been successfully using Facebook Ads to help drive growth for several years.

Their challenge: Danielle ran all elements of the business until late 2020, when she started to build her team. By this stage she no longer had time to focus on effectively managing her Facebook Ads.

Working together: Initially I carried out an audit of Under the Rowan Trees current and previous Ads to identify potential opportunities for improve their effectiveness. The next stage was the creation of new Ad campaign which performed really well. From there we moved into me managing all of their Facebook Ad activity.

Results: We’ve successfully scaled the ad budget. And, pound for pound, Danielle is seeing a significantly better return on her investment than she was running the Ads herself.

“Working with Remix Marketing was an easy decision. As soon as Helen audited my existing campaigns, I was able to see how her knowledge and confidence could help me to increase my returns. It has been fantastic to be able to hand over responsibility and just check the headline figures each month. Helen is a pleasure to work with and her industry knowledge as well as her marketing expertise is a great asset.” 

Danielle Stanley

Director, Under the Rowan Trees Ltd

Facebook Ads Training Case Study: Torro

Torro were keen to keep advertising in-house, but needed to up-skill their internal team. Having previously run Ads without success.

Business: Torro is an online retailer selling upmarket leather phone cases and accessories for men.

Business stage: The business is well established, with a multi six-figure turnover. They use Google Ads and email marketing extensively.

Facebook Ads history: They’d been investing in ad campaigns created in-house, but had been unable to achieve a profitable return.

Their challenge: They were convinced that Facebook Ads could work well for them, but needed to upskill their in-house team to be able achieve the return they were looking for.

Working together: Torro chose my Power up your Ads training package, and took their training sessions over a 3-month period. The first stage of us working together involved me auditing their Ad Account and coming up with a plan for the campaigns they should try running. Over our sessions together we built and optimised campaigns. Other things we covered included: hooks, creative types, audiences, creating product sets and interpreting data in Ads Manager.

Results: Torro are now successfully building and running campaigns that consistently perform above their target ROAS.


“I wanted to find a trustworthy mentor, who I could ask questions that related to my brands specific problems. Helen was very supportive and explained any convepts or strategies in a direct and easy to understand manner. We have successfully managed to scale up ad spend and the number of campaigns while seeing a positive return. I would recommend Helen to anyone wanting to develop their knowledge on Facebook Ads as she offers an easy to understand and informative service, suitable for all levels of experience.”

Joe Brown

Marketing, Torro

Klaviyo email Case Study: Anna Pugh

Anna had been sending occasional emails via Mailchimp. When she decided to invest in Facebook Ads, we migrated to Klaviyo and implemented a series of automated flows to maximise return from all the additional traffic.

Business: Anna Pugh is an online retailer making beautiful, handmade leather handbags.

Business stage: The business is well established, and was planning to increase focus on direct-to-consumer sales and move away from wholesale.

Email Marketing history: A free, Mailchimp service was in place, which Anna was using to send occasional promotional emails. There were no automations and emails were always sent to the full list.

Their challenge: The planned Facebook Ads would greatly increase the volume of website traffic, the vast majority of whom would not be ready to convert immediately. Nurturing them via email would increase the chances of them becoming customers.

Working together: Before launching Facebook Ads, we migrated email across to Klaviyo, upgraded the email sign-up pop-up, and added a series of automated flows designed to encourage purchase and nurture customers to become more engaged with the brand.

More regular campaign emails were also introduced, all using a series of Anna Pugh templates which were created at the outset of the project. Audience segments were used for targeted campaigns.

Results: Almost half of sales now come from email marketing, split evenly between automated flows and campaign emails.

“When we started working together, Helen suggested upgrading my email system to Klaviyo and introducing automated flows to take full advantage of the additional website traffic that’d come from the Ads. Then introducing Facebook Ads when the flows were set up. At the time I was using Mailchimp to send occasional emails to all my subscribers.

Helen set all the flows up and created a series of branded templates for me. We moved to regular, fortnightly emails and sending to selected segments rather than the full list. Almost half of my sales this year have come from the automated flows and our campaign emails.

I would really recommend Helen to anyone as she is very knowledgeable and resourceful and I have found her to be continually solution-based in her methods.”

Anna Pugh

Owner, Anna Pugh Handbags

Facebook Ads Case Study: Handmade by LollaMac

Prior to Covid, most of Clare’s sales came from craft markets. She did have an online shop, but wasn’t seeing many purchases through it.

Business: Clare at Handmade by LollaMac makes beautiful silver and mixed metal jewellery in her studio in Allendale.

Business stage: Despite having a good website, online retail was generating a very few sales for Handmade by LollaMac.

Facebook Ads history: Clare had dabbled with a couple of Ads a year ago, but wasn’t running anything currently. She did have a Facebook pixel on the website.

Their challenge: With craft markets cancelled due to covid and retail outlets also closed, Clare was keen to grow her sales through the Handmade by LollaMac website.

Working together: Clare didn’t have a big budget to invest on ads, so we started out spending just £10 per day. We worked together to choose the items we were going to promote. We’d initially agreed to run first ads for 10 days, at the end of which Clare was comfortable to continue investing, as sales were already coming through.

Results: With Facebook Ads continuing to perform well, the Handmade by LollaMac website has become a successful sale channel for Clare. She’s been able to reduce the number of craft fairs she attends, giving her more free weekends and allowing her to spend more time making her lovely jewellery.

“I’ve dipped my feet into the world of Facebook Ads in the past, but never with any success at all. Working with Helen however has been a revelation; she really knows what she’s doing! Helen made the whole process very easy for me, using her experience to choose the images she felt would work best and creating the content and copy for the ads as well as setting up the audiences, whilst I sat back and watched the orders roll in. The effectiveness of Helen’s ad management has transformed my business in a matter of just a few months. Initially I was wary of the costs involved and whether I would get the benefit of my investment; I shouldn’t have been. The increase in my online business has meant I have been able to step back from my reliance on selling at face-to-face events, giving me back my weekends and allowing me to concentrate on what I love doing most of all, making beautiful jewellery!”

Clare Edwin

Jewellery Maker, Handmade by LollaMac