But do they care? 

When it comes to creating marketing for your business, it pays to have this simple phrase in your head: But do they care? 

As a business owner, you’ve got a real passion for your business. But your target customer doesn’t care.

Maybe you’ve developed some amazing products with incredible features. Will your target customers care? No. Not if that’s the way you’re talking about them.


Your target customers aren’t living your life. They’re living their own.

Remember that every time you sit down to write a social post, a product description or an email. They’re not interested in what matters to you. What matters to them is what they care about. Take the time to think, listen and learn. Before you start hammering the keyboard. 

To create effective marketing messages, you need to think from your target customer’s perspective. That way your marketing can help you build an emotional connection. They’ll start to like you. And when they trust you enough, they might even become a customer. 

Your marketing won’t work if it’s just you talking about yourself. With no thought for your audience and what matters to them.


Start by asking yourself “How will my product make a difference to their life?” 

Will it solve one of their problems?

Or make them feel more connected and loved?

Perhaps it could make them feel good about themselves?

Improve their life? Or the life of someone they care about?

Maybe some of the things that matter to you matter to them too? 

Know the answers to these questions and you’re in a great place to start writing. 

Write from the angle of what matters to them, and how they’ll feel, and you’ll start making connections. The people seeing your marketing will begin to believe you’re genuine. You care. You’re their kind of person (or brand).


Telling your Story

 As humans, we love a story. It’s so much more relatable than simple facts. Lots of the best marketing is based around a good story. Ideally, told by one of your happy customers, rather than you.

We’re often told being authentic is good. That people buy from people. And they want to know the background story. We’re encouraged to include our business story in our marketing. But a word of caution.

In marketing, it’s never just about you. It’s always about your audience. 

Even when you tell your story, you still need to write it in a way that echoes the audience’s values. The things that matter to them. If you don’t, you’ll fail to form an emotional connection. They’ll lose interest. And move on to the next thing. Your time and effort will be wasted.


So how do you know if what you’ve written is going to work? 

Read it back to yourself. And, as you go along, ask yourself the question: But do they care?

If the answer is “Yes”, you’re on the right track.

But it’s time for a rewrite when the answer is “No”.


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