Be careful what you wish for!

Do you remember those childhood stories where the characters were granted three wishes? It almost always played out the same way. Those making the wish didn’t take the time to think through their choices. The result? Disappointment. Regret. Despair.

If you’ve run Facebook Ads before and you’ve been disappointed by the results, it could well be that you’ve wished for the wrong thing too!

So, what do the Campaign Objectives mean?

What should you pick when?


Campaign Objective Categories:

There are three categories of Objective for Facebook Ads: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. For those of you who know a bit about marketing, you’ll recognise these as different stages of the purchase funnel.


Awareness Objectives:

If you select an Objective from this category, Facebook will show it to as many people as it can. It’s not looking for those who’ve shown an interest in your product or service. Don’t pick these Objectives if you’re looking for high levels of interaction.

Pros: Low cost per view                                                                    

Cons: Unlikely to drive much interaction 


Brand Awareness: Show your ads to people who are most likely to remember them.

Reach: Show your ads to the maximum number of people.


Consideration Categories: 

Pick this type of Objective and Facebook will look for people it thinks are likely to be interested in your ad. They can be good for getting people to visit your website or helping you build followers on Facebook and Instagram.

While you should get a reasonable level of interaction, the people seeing the ad might not be ready to buy yet.

Pros: Reasonable cost per view                                              

Cons: You’re likely to see some interaction


Traffic: Send people to a destination, such as a website, app, Facebook event or Messenger conversation.

Engagement: Get more Page likes, event responses, or post reacts, comments or shares.

App Installs: Show your ad to people who are most likely to download and engage with your app.

Video Views: Show people video ads.

Lead Generation: Collect leads for your business or brand.

Messages: Get more people to send messages to your business on Messenger and Instagram Direct.


Conversion Categories:

Select this Category and Facebook will look to serve your Ad to people it thinks are likely to carry out the action you’re optimising for.

These Objectives can be good for audiences who already know about you, particularly if they already follow you on social media or have visited your website. They also work well with an audience that’s interested in similar things. They’re much less effective when you use them for audiences who aren’t already warm to your brand.

Pros: High cost per view                             

Cons: Most likely to deliver sales / leads


Conversion: Show your ads to people who are most likely to take valuable actions, such as making a purchase or adding payment info, on your website, app or in Messenger.

Catalogue Sales: Use your target audience to show people ads with items from your catalogue.

Store Traffic: Show your ad to people most likely to visit your physical stores when they’re near them.


So, before you prepare your next Facebook Ad Campaign think carefully about what you want it to deliver.

And make sure you select an Objective that fits the bill.



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