Are you speaking to the right people?

Whatever product or service you’re selling, some people are more likely to buy it than others. Where a promotional channel gives you the choice of who to target, you’ll get the best return on your investment by making intelligent choices with your audience.

With Facebook Ads you have three different types of audience to choose from: Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences and Interested-based Audiences.


Custom Audiences

Facebook allows you to create Custom Audiences of people who have already interacted with your brand. These people already know about your brand. And if they’ve had positive experience with you in the past, they are often the easiest group to convince to buy from you again.

Some of the sources that can be used for this type of audience are your Facebook and Instagram pages, your website and your email list. 

Your Custom Audiences can be very specific, so you could create audiences who have visited a particular website page, bought from you more than once or added product to a cart in the last 7 days. 

These audiences are often very small, so they aren’t always economical to target with all Objectives / Optimisations.


Lookalike Audiences

This type of audience is based on a Custom Audience, but is much larger. When you create a Lookalike Audience, you’re asking Facebook to find people who are similar to those in the Custom Audience you’re basing the Lookalike on. These people aren’t actively engaged with your brand. But they’re more likely to be interested in it than the average person.

Lookalikes are my favourite type of audience. They’re large enough to be economical to target. And they take advantage of everything that Facebook knows about its users. I’d highly recommend using this type of Audience for your Facebook Ad campaigns.


Interest-based Audiences

When you create an Interest-based Audience, you can add interests based on things that you think your target customers might be interested in. The size of the Audience varies greatly depending on the specific interests you pick. 

You can add lots of interests, but unless you use the narrow audience feature, Facebook will add people to your audience if it thinks they are interested in any one of the interests you’ve chosen.

To make the audience more specific, use the narrow audience feature to create two (or more) lists of interests. Facebook will only add people to your audience if they are interested in at least one item in each of the lists.

It’s often more difficult to get good results with Interest-based Audiences because you are only using Facebook’s knowledge about interests. When you create this type of audience you aren’t tapping into its knowledge of individual user behaviour.


For many campaigns, I test more than one type of Audience. It’s often not possible to guess which one will work best, so it’s best to try more than one and see which gets the strongest results.

I’d highly recommend including Lookalike Audiences for any Campaigns where you’re hoping to extend your customer base.



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