3 common reasons why Facebook Ads fail 

There are lots of things to consider when pulling your Facebook Ads together. And some of them can make or break your campaign. Here are 3 really common ones that are easy to fix:

1. Using the wrong Objective or OptimisationFacebook knows its users’ behaviour really well. It knows who’s likely to buy. The people with lots to say. The window shoppers. The dreamers.

And its objectives are built based on these behaviours.

So, if you run an Engagement campaign, Facebook will only show your Ads to people with lots to say.

Pick Traffic and you’ll get people who often take a look at websites, but don’t go there planning to buy.

If you want people to complete an action, like buying, you need a Sales objective. Which is only available if you have a Facebook Pixel on the page.

Picking the Objective is just the first stage. The optimisation is really important too.

For an online shop, optimising your Conversion campaign for Purchase will target it at those most likely to buy. Using Add to Cart is a cheaper option, but you’ll get people who often think or dream about buying things, but don’t complete the purchase.

If you’re running a Traffic campaign and optimise for Link Click, you’ll get people who often click links. But don’t always stick around for the page to load. Choosing Link Page View is a better option if you want people on your website. Traffic campaigns amy look cheap, but they are also the most prone to driving bot traffic.

2. Getting the Audience wrongThere are very few products that everyone would want to buy. If your funds are limited, you should probably avoid Broad targeting at the beginning. To get the best from your budget, you need to help Facebook by narrowing the audience down.

But a word of caution. Try to keep the audience size above 500,000 if you’re targeting new people. For small local audiences, don’t add other interests. Use the Ad copy to speak to the interests instead.

Some of most effective audiences can be Lookalikes to people who already know your brand. These are based on groups like your Facebook and Instagram engagers, your email list, past purchasers or people who visit your website. When you create a Lookalike, Facebook literally builds the audience of the Facebook users who it thinks are the most similar to those in the group it’s basing them off.

You can also create audiences based on interests. But to do this effectively you have to have a clear picture of who your target customer is, so you can select interests that are specific to them. Avoid interests that are really popular – they won’t narrow the audience much and they tend to be expensive to target, because lots of people are using them.

3. Your Ad doesn’t appeal to the target audienceThey just keep on scrolling. And not clicking through.

The first stage in creating an effective Ad is being really clear on who the target customer is. And how your product can help them. When you know that, you can write Ad copy that will really resonate with them. And create an image or video that tells the same story.

The job of the Ad is to get them to click. Not to make the sale. Selling is the job of the landing / product page. Don’t try and do it all in the Ad.

Your Ad should be simple, bold and enticing for the target customer.

Don’t cram too much onto your image, it’s definitely a case of less is more (effective).

If you’re selling a product, your photography needs to be good. It should be well lit, with a simple backdrop. Bold colours can be useful for adding impact. Really natural looking images can work really well too.

The more it looks like an Ad, the less likely it is to work. So avoid staged images and stock photography.

But most of all, write your Ad with the customer in mind. Don’t focus on what you want to say. Think from the perspective of the difference it will make to the target customer’s lives? How will the feel when they buy the perfect present or look a million dollars in their new outfit.

Getting these three simple things right will make a massive difference to the returns you’ll see from your advertising spend.

Take your time. Think. Don’t just throw something together and give it a go.

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