10 Cost Effective Ways to get to know your customers

If you’ve ever struggled with what to post on your social media or wondered whether a new product or service idea will work, it might be time to get to know your customers better. The great news is, it doesn’t have to cost anything.

1. Talk to existing customers – spending time talking to customers is a great way to really understand what motivates them, why they buy your products, what they really thought of them and any issues they might have had.

2. Listen to what your customers are saying on your social channels – You can learn a lot from what your customers say. Always respond to all the comments and see whether you can create a conversation.

3. Use polls on your social media pages – One of the best ways to get to know your customers is to ask them questions. It’s quick and easy to create polls on your Facebook and Instagram pages. You can even ask them what they’d like to see posts about.

4. Follow your competitors’ social media pages and join their groups – Listen to what their followers are talking about. What questions are they asking? Keep an eye out for common problems – they might give you an idea for content or even a product.

5. Check through emails and complaints from customers – Look at what they like and if they don’t like something or don’t understand, think about why.

6. What do your reviews say? – if you’re using a review service, it’s worth going through the comments in detail. Learn from any negative comments – how can you improve? What didn’t the customer like?

7. Put a survey on your website or send a link to your email subscribers.

8. Answerthepublic.com – search for free to see the sorts of questions people ask about your business area e.g. sewing.

9. Facebook Insights – if you have a Facebook Ad account, try looking at your Facebook Insights to see what other brands they like.

10. Google it! – there’s an amazing amount of free information on the internet, so it’s always worth trying a Google search.

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth doing, the answer is definitely “Yes”!

When you know what makes your customers tick, it’s so much easy to create content that they’ll love.


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